Can i put tape over my cracked iphone screen

One in four iPhone users are living with broken screens. Over the years, I became quite accustomed to not breaking my phone's screen. So what's a Miro to do with his new-found crackity-crack phone? first step to take: minimize the glass-shards-in-fingers effect with some magical clear packing tape.
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Deal with cracks

James grigg user I recently dropped my iPhone 7 plus and wondered about getting a repair depending on wether it was still "waterproof". The iPhone Guy theiphoneguy That entirely depends on how big the crack is. Most of the time , if it is small cracks near the middle, you'll be okay. If it is spider web cracked on the screen, it is going to be compromised. Water proofing is around the edges of the screen using adhesive, if the actual screen has cracks, water can penetrate into the internals of your device.

Apple does cheap replacements for these devices. You could also just add some clear tape of the screen if you don't want to spend that much money. Tom Chai tomchai. Also if you found this thread than you had the same problem. Way to be an ass. Ever have the windshield in your car crack! Did water just start pouring in?

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In fact, did you notice ANY water leaking in? Nobody needs your snarky responses. Show 2 more comments. Jimfixer jimfixer. As your screen is cracked.

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Now if air can pass through it then water can also enter inside the iphone. If only hair crack then your iphone will be waterproof. Bunch bunch I recently dropped my iPhone 7 and the entire screen cracked but still working properly and also down the right corner of the phone along the white line created a small hole. Can the phone still put under water?

As for the hole it entirety depends on how deep it is. Scientistawesome lilhankyspanky. Leslie Leslie.

Fixing the broken screen on my iPhone 5s

Ana jimuxizi. So you need go to a repair shop and fix your screen.

Maybe you can call a nearby repair shop and confirm with them. Amazingly enough they all lead to the same seller. Sorry, but you are definitely spamming. Select a Language: My Macbook Pro display mid is cracked on the right side vertically. I am worried it will get worse, but cannot replace it just yet. Is there any reason I can't tape it with clear packing tape for now. I know it will look bad, but I don't want it getting worse or affecting the inside until I can fix it. Posted on Dec 29, Page content loaded.

How to Use Your Phone When the Screen Is Cracked

Dec 29, Jan 20, 9: I know whose MacBook Pro it is. My question is: Is it imperative to the life of the computer to fix the glass? Jan 20, Not seeing the damage, my best guess that there may be a risk to the display but not the balance of the MBP. Jan 20, 6: Is it just the glass that's broken or is the display itself In other words is the image messed up?

Is my iPhone still "waterproof" with a cracked screen

Any adhesive would damage the coating on the glass but since it's broken and due to be replaced, that wouldn't be an issue. Jan 20, 7: It is a series of vertical cracks on the right side. They are just visible lines, no gaping holes. It is glass only, encroaching about 1. I have been using it without any problems since Dec I finally taped it yesterday because I was worried it would eventually fall in my lap, crack more or that moisture could get in.

It is clear packing tape. You may be fine if you are careful, but it can make the repair harder if you need to clean out or replace hinges or keycaps etc. I'd reconsider carrying it around if the glass is fragmenting, tape should stop it going places for now. Jan 20, 8: It is clear packing tape ". Yes you should contain the glass, trying to hold it in place.