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Gameplay is similar to Bubble Bobble -- the Brothers must plaster all of the enemies in each area to earn a one-way ticket to the next area. Nick and Tom are armed with only one major weapon: But wait'll you see what they can do with it! The Brothers toss it at enemies, roll it into man-sized boulders, and send the boulders thundering down slopes, across ledges, and every which way to knock out enemies.

Nick and Tom can toss snowballs in an am, which means you can hit enemies with some well aimed shots -- even when there's a barrier between them and you. If Nick or Tom can manage to make a snowball and get it to ricochet back and forth in a confined area, they can earn tons of extra points. If the Brothers can manage to wipe out an entire round-full of enemies with one snowboulder they'll earn a special bonus surprise!

The Brothers can make a snowball and then hop on for a ride down a snowy slope -- wiping out the bad guys in the resulting avalanche.

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Don't relax too quickly after you clear a round of enemies. If anything hits you before you zap to the next round you'll still lose a life! The Brothers can also grab special items like Popsicles, Pies, Hot Sauce, and potions that give them different special abilities and make their lives a little easier. At the end of each level they can also play the slot machines to earn bonus items. Snow Brothers has the same magical feel of classic games like Bubble Bobble and the Marios.

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Everything about this game, except the music, is top-notch. The difficulty level won't make you tear your hair out, but there's more than enough fun to entertain even the most advanced gamers. Check it out and do a little slip-pin' and a slidin' of your own. This version of Snow Bros has been released by Tengen in Snow Bros is a platform game like Bubble Bobble.

This version of the game included new background music, additional levels and cutscenes not found in the earlier releases. You must eliminate all the enemies on each level of the game by rolling the enemies into snowballs and smashing them against the walls. Every 10th level of the game have a Boss.

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Boss attacks the player with ordinary enemies, which the player must turn into snowballs and roll into the Boss. Snow Bros, is coming to all the systems! This two-player game has Nick and Tom as the brothers, using their abilities to throw energy shots at their opponents, turning them into snowballs! Kick these snowballs oft the edge to kill them while collecting power-ups such as speed, power shots and distance shots.

Your enemies can jump around on the platforms and even blow fire and turn into whirlwinds! Invincibility Code - To become invincible in this "cool" game for GameBoy, do this code.


No enemies will be able to hurt you when you do this code! This cold setting for an NES title has you tossing snowballs at the other creatures trying to pack them in and fling the freshly made snowboulder at the other enemies. As you proceed through the levels, the action gets even more intense as the enemies get different powers like fiery breath and other skills to stop you with.

Use your mastery of the snow and end this terror once and for all. Snow Brothers reminds me a lot of similar maze-action games like Bubble Bobble that take a simple theme and elevate it with a seemingly endless variety of scoring and point incentives. The game still suffers from a fair level of repetition, but it is a good diversion for awhile.

The arcade game was a blast.

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