Creator pulls flappy bird from app stores

The brief ascent of Flappy Bird peaked this week, as the game surged to the top of Apple's App Store and Google Play. The game featured a.
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Why Did 'Flappy Bird' Maker Pull the Popular Game?

Nguyen will still be reaping revenue from already downloaded copies, after all. Some have praised Nguyen for his zen-like attitude toward abandoning a golden goose for the sake of his sanity, but he has likely already raked in millions from the game, and continues to make money from both it and his other popular games which he has not taken down. In other words, it's not like he gave up his fortune or even his income stream by removing the singular game.

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There is still no word from Nguyen directly regarding his promise and follow-through of taking down Flappy Bird. Perhaps if his other games retain a moderate, but not insane level of popularity, that will satisfy him, and we won't see any more dramatic displays like this one.

Still, it only deepens the mystery of a man who would simply erase the most popular game in the world because the reaction to it was bothering him. I've never seen or heard of anything like this, and this is without question one of the most fascinating gaming stories of the year.

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More information as it develops. There are still no updates from Nguyen on Twitter since his string of messages yesterday saying that he "couldn't take" the attention and infamy from Flappy Bird, and he was taking the game down. If you were hoping Flappy Bird would find its wings and fly back onto the App Store or Google Play, its creator has some tough news for you.

Flappy Bird creator pulled hit game from app stores

Less than 48 hours after he pulled the explosively popular game , developer Dong Nguyen briefly emerged from his self-imposed exile to talk to Forbes about why that little bird will flap no more. According to Nguyen, the game was designed to help people relax, let players blow off some steam when they had a spare few minutes. Instead, Flappy Bird became an "addictive product" that was causing him, and its players, issues.

Nguyen became the subject of intense media scrutiny, while players became enraged by their tragically low scores. It's gone forever," he told Forbes, shortly after he'd had an impromptu sit down with Vietnam's deputy prime minister. The Buyer's Guide. US Edition.

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  • Creator pulls 'Flappy Bird' from app stores;
  • Flappy Bird's creator says he pulled the app for your own good!