Closing apps on iphone 4 to save battery

Many people believe that closing background apps saves battery which is but simply a myth. If you are one of the persons who kill background.
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Please share if you found this article helpful. Many people have issues with their batteries because they do not realize how to utilize. These tips help people to increase iphone battery life.

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  • Reduce notifications!
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Thanks for sharing. When my phone app icon had disappeared, I just entered the move mode wriggling mode by tapping and holding any icon on the springboard and tada, the phone app icon reappeared! Closing down background apps may boost performance speed but not battery Other tips were great btw though!

Closing iPhone Apps & 5 Tips for Extending Your iPhone’s Battery Life

Any updates on this with the new ios7 software? This no longer works, and it seems all my apps are now running. Your email address will not be published. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

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Why is it better for an iPhone’s battery to NOT close down apps? - Ask Different

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Closing Apps To Save iPhone Battery Life Is A Myth

But these tips might help. After you've used your phone or tablet for a while, you may notice the recent apps list grows quite long.

Apple says: closing iPhone apps does not stop battery drain

It might seem like closing these apps running in the background will preserve your precious battery life, but it won't. In both Google's Android and Apple's iOS software, these apps are in a paused state in the device's memory that lets them open quickly. If you close each one, you'd be removing it from memory, forcing the app to reload from scratch the next time you open it.

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Depending on the app, this process may actually consume more battery life. Open any app that often alerts you and disable some, or all, notifications.

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Some apps will also allow you to increase the time interval for syncing notifications. Then just find the app and turn them off. From there, you can remove the offending app's permission to use background data. Restricting notifications and data usage will help you recover a little more screen time so you can enjoy even more of your apps. How to set up Google's two-step verification: With a few minutes of setup time, your account will be much more secure.