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Nowadays, mobile phone is not just a tool for communication simply, it is also a device which can express self-images of users. This is a great opportunity for mobile phone manufacturers to attract their consumers. By investigating in different groups of cell phone users in society through surveys or interviews, marketers can identify and divide the market into different segments. Based on characteristics in the segments, mobile phone companies can design business strategies which are suitable for consumers in each of the segments.

For example, cell phone users in group A are teenagers. They wish their mobile phones could express the dynamism and the ebullience of the youth. Therefore, mobile phone manufacturers usually design colorful products for this group of consumers and sell at an acceptable price level. Samsung Galaxy Young is an outstanding illustration for this. These colorful mobile phones with fashionable entertainment features such as accessing to social networks like Facebook, Twitter… fastly and easily, listening to music, playing various games… but at an acceptable price level has made a trend in using mobile phone of the youth.

Another example, cell phone users in group B are successful businessmen. Of course, they do not like a mobile phone like Samsung Galaxy Young, instead, they want to have a mobile phone which can show their success, their high position in society. In this case, luxurious mobile phones which have expensive price and sophisticated designs like Vertu or Mobiado… are their choices. Therefore, mobile phone manufacturers need to catch and understand personalities, as well as the needs of their consumers to know exactly what consumers want, and in what specific ways they want to express themselves so that manufacturers can design suitable products for each group of consumers.

However, mobile phone companies, especially the small ones, do not need to design particular products for all groups of consumers. Based on the financial status and other conditions of the organization, companies just should focus on certain potential consumers groups to ensure that they can supply the best products for these consumers. It is better than investing in various groups but not understanding clearly about self-image expression needs of people in the groups.

Brands that originated from countries with good images are familiar to the consumers and products of these brands are usually perceived as high quality products. Consumers also keep good and favorable associations from these brands. Actually, Vietnamese consumers are easier to be persuaded by products which originated from Western countries such as US, UK, France… than which originated from Asian coutries such as China. Chinese mobile phones are cheap, but their quality is not warranted at all.

Hence, the model needs to be added other independent variables to be more accucracy. Further research should explore other factors of product involvement which have impact on brand loyalty to revise the conceptual framework in this research. Due to the time and cost constraints, researcher just studied on cell phone users in Ho Chi Minh City by convenience sampling method. This may limit the generalizability of the findings as perceptions and opinions of respondents in this research can not have enough representation for all cell phone users in Ho Chi Minh.

Thus, further research can be studied with a larger sample size by probability sampling method to increase the generalization and reliability of the research. This research just studies the impact of product involvement factors on the brand loyalty of cell phone users.

To be more specific, further research should investigate how this impact is different from in each group of demography. For example, how the perception in relationship between product involvement factors and brand loyalty of young people is different from perception of the older ones? Or how different mobile phone brands have different perceptions of cell phone users in the impact of product involvement factors on brand loyalty? By those ways, researchers can explore different perceptions in different groups of cell phone users, so that mobile phone manufacturers can divide the market in specific segments in order to exploit all potentials of mobile phone market in Ho Chi Minh City.

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    Journal of Service Marketing, 17 7 , Journal of Academy of Marketing Science, 31 3 , Zaichkowsky, J. Measuring the involvement construct. Journal of Consumer Research, 12 December , — Conceptualizing involvement. Journal of Advertising, 15 2 , 4— Tuoi tre Online. Standing, it was easily as tall as the top of the hutch.

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