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Sony Xperia L price in India is Rs. (21 February ). pant pocket no matter how tight it is and you wont even feel that you are carrying a inch device.
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Sony Xperia L user ratings and reviews

Yes No. Sony Xperia L "the camera experts camera phone". The handset doesn't have a spectacular specification, but it all works well as a package. Apps open and shut with a snap and animations are silky-smooth. As expected, the phone's performance in Sunspider 1.

It completed the test in 2,ms using the default Chrome browser, which is twice as long as I saw from the Xperia SP with its 1. Chrome is slow in Sunspider, but even with the faster Dolphin browser I only saw 1,ms, which is very much a middling result. The Maps app glides smoothly under your finger, and there's barely a hesitation while panning smoothly around web pages - only a barely perceptible slowdown when scrolling past a large image. When compared side by side with a Samsung Galaxy S3, the more powerful S3 had slightly smoother browsing, but there's not much in it.

It's also quicker in 3D games than the Samsung Galaxy S3, showing you're getting better 3D performance than last year's premium handsets. I was also impressed with the Xperia L's screen. Again, its x resolution is pretty standard for a phone at this price, and you have to zoom in to read text on web pages, but I saw bright whites and punchy colours. It's a high-quality display for a relatively inexpensive handset.

A backside-illuminated sensor has the sensor's circuitry on the rear rather than at the front, so there's no wiring in the way of light This should lead to better image quality under low light, and the Xperia L takes some of the best low-light photos I've seen, with far more detail and less than noise than the Samsung Galaxy S4's shots. Contrast was impressive, with no sign of overexposure in lighter areas even on a sunlit day, but details became muddy when I zoomed in, showing the limits of the Xperia L's eight megapixels.

Best phone I ever used. Best phone I drooped it time nothing happened. I am using it from 3 year no damage no servicing at all. I got error in it once but i just reset phone everything was working up-to-date within 15 min.

Delightful Experience: I have been using my Sony Xperia L from last 10 months. I bought this phone from Flipkart with goodies because of Diwali offer. Now, coming back to the phone.

Sony Xperia L Review

Sony has done quite a decent job in upgrading Sony Xperia J but still maintaining the look and feel of the device almost alike. Ever after I bought Xperia L, the device has never disappointed me. The device has a sleek and slender look and feel. It easily slips into your pant pocket no matter how tight it is and you wont even feel that you are carrying a 4.

The glossy surface of the 4.

Sony Xperia L with inch display, 1 GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, Android announced

However it does reduce the visibility of the screen content under direct sunlight or in very bright environments. The viewing angle stability of the Xperia L is very good. There are no surprises in the synthetic 3D benchmarks: The Xperia L falls behind in sequential data transfers but can keep up with random read and write operations. Most current games are no problem for the integrated Adreno GPU. Dead Zone run very smoothly with the 3D chip. The touchscreen and the position sensor executed our inputs very precisely.

We made some calls to test the voice quality of the Xperia L and the result was generally good and there was no difference when we used device itself, the supplied headset or the integrated mono speaker.

Brilliant pictures made easy

We could not determine any annoying noises or disturbances during the calls. The Xperia L has one mono speaker for audio playback at the lower part of the back. The position can be problematic if you are holding the smartphone in your hand as you will also cover the speaker. Fortunately, the sound is not that bad. Contrary to our expectations, it is actually quite good.

High tones are very precise and there are no distortions at higher volumes. Mids and bass however are almost nonexistent. The supplied In-Ear-Headset has better sound output and a wider dynamic range. It can be connected via the 3. The Xperia L is more frugal than the competition during idle with consumption between 0. The device just consumes between 2. The decent consumption values in combination with the removable lithium ion battery with a capacity of mAh should result in long battery runtimes.

With the highest display brightness and activated wireless connections minimum runtime , the Xperia L keeps running for 2 hours and 57 minutes , an average result for this class of smartphone. The other extreme scenario shows a surprising result. With minimum display brightness and deactivated wireless connections, the Sony smartphone has a maximum runtime of 11 hours and 22 minutes.

The result for the Xperia L is 7 hours and 10 minutes. The competition runs at least three hours longer. Sony offers a recommendable mainstream smartphone with the Xperia L, which has no significant drawbacks.

The device comes with a good display , good build quality and a very good 8 MP camera. The HDR feature is very nice and creates interesting picture effects with the push of a button. At the top of our wish list for the Xperia L is an LTE module which is not very realistic considering the low retail price. Longer battery runtimes would also be nice - the results are not bad but the device cannot keep up with the competition. The good display quality despite some unfavorable measurements. The mainstream Xperia L has no significant drawbacks.

LTE support would have been nice, but that is almost too much considering the price point. A bigger battery and better battery management. Comparing pictures with and without HDR reveals significant differences. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. Please, switch off ad blockers. Smartphone Android. The Sony Xperia L has a 4. The plastic back offers good grip. Micro USB port. Power button and volume rocker. Strap eyelet. Sony Xperia L. Sony Alpha Apple iPhone 5.

Sony Xperia L C2105 8GB 8MP 4.3-inch Smartphone - Black

Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. Please, switch off ad blockers. Qualcomm Adreno Webcam 0. Mono speaker, Keyboard: Sony homepage Sony notebook section. Sony Xperia L Average Score: The Sony Xperia L is another smartphone from the Xperia series.

Our review shows us that this phone is good bang for buck and you would not go wrong if you go for it. Techradar We are left a little confused at the end of this review, mainly because we really wanted to like the Xperia L.